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add-hook change

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......@@ -2242,11 +2242,8 @@ argument @var{append} is non-@code{nil}, the new hook function goes at
the end of the hook list and will be executed last.
If @var{local} is non-@code{nil}, that says to make the new hook
function buffer-local in the current buffer. Before you can do this, you must
make the hook itself buffer-local by calling @code{make-local-hook}
(@strong{not} @code{make-local-variable}). If the hook itself is not
buffer-local, then the value of @var{local} makes no difference---the
hook function is always global.
function buffer-local in the current buffer and automatically calls
@code{make-local-hook} to make the hook itself buffer-local.
@end defun
@defun remove-hook hook function &optional local
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