Commit ad54b025 authored by Andrew Innes's avatar Andrew Innes
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(FRAME_TERMCAP_P) [WINDOWSNT]: Remove redefinition.

parent 7e6ac5b9
......@@ -423,18 +423,6 @@ char *tparam ();
extern char *tgetstr ();
/* We aren't X windows, but we aren't termcap either. This makes me
uncertain as to what value to use for frame.output_method. For
this file, we'll define FRAME_TERMCAP_P to be zero so that our
output hooks get called instead of the termcap functions. Probably
the best long-term solution is to define an output_windows_nt... */
#define FRAME_TERMCAP_P(_f_) 0
#endif /* WINDOWSNT */
ring_bell ()
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