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2000-10-15 Dave Love <>
* progmodes/sh-script.el: Require skeleton and comint when
* pcomplete.el (pcomplete) <defgroup>: Add :version.
* whitespace.el: Doc fixes.
(top-level): Don't add hooks here.
(whitespace-running-emacs): Deleted.
(timer): Don't require.
(whitespace): Add back :version conditional on xemacs test.
(whitespace-spacetab-regexp, whitespace-indent-regexp)
(whitespace-ateol-regexp, whitespace-modes): Fix custom type.
(whitespace-force-mode-line-update, whitespace-refresh-rescan-list)
(whitespace-tickle-timer, whitespace-rescan-files-in-buffers):
Avoid specific xemacs test.
(whitespace-global-mode): New option.
(whitespace-global-mode): New command.
(whitespace-unload-hook): New function.
* info.el (Info-mouse-follow-nearest-node): Use mouse-set-point.
(Info-fontify-node, Info-goto-node, Info-mode-menu)
(Info-fontify-node): `Goto' goes to `Go to'.
(Info-fontify-node): Add help-echo to xref links.
2000-10-15 Eli Zaretskii <> 2000-10-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* eshell/em-unix.el (eshell-du-prefer-over-ange): Doc fix. * eshell/em-unix.el (eshell-du-prefer-over-ange): Doc fix.
2000-10-15 Dave Love <>
* qp.el: Require mm-util.
2000-10-13 Dave Love <> 2000-10-13 Dave Love <>
* qp.el (quoted-printable-decode-region): Avoid invalid * qp.el (quoted-printable-decode-region): Avoid invalid
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