Commit ada30c0e authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(re_wctype): Try to fix some warnings.

(regcomp, regexec): Don't forget the __restrict.
parent e6bff182
......@@ -1327,7 +1327,8 @@ static const char *re_error_msgid[] =
/* Roughly the maximum number of failure points on the stack. Would be
exactly that if always used TYPICAL_FAILURE_SIZE items each time we failed.
This is a variable only so users of regex can assign to it; we never
change it ourselves. */
change it ourselves. We always multiply it by TYPICAL_FAILURE_SIZE
before using it, so it should probably be a byte-count instead. */
/* Note that 4400 was enough to cause a crash on Alpha OSF/1,
whose default stack limit is 2mb. In order for a larger
......@@ -1579,7 +1580,7 @@ do { \
/* Estimate the size of data pushed by a typical failure stack entry.
An estimate is all we need, because all we use this for
is to choose a limit for how big to make the failure stack. */
/* BEWARE, the value `20' is hard-coded in emacs.c:main(). */
/* How many items can still be added to the stack without overflowing it. */
......@@ -1966,9 +1967,10 @@ typedef int re_wchar_t;
/* Map a string to the char class it names (if any). */
static re_wctype_t
re_wctype (string)
re_char *string;
re_wctype (str)
re_char *str;
const char *string = str;
if (STREQ (string, "alnum")) return RECC_ALNUM;
else if (STREQ (string, "alpha")) return RECC_ALPHA;
else if (STREQ (string, "word")) return RECC_WORD;
......@@ -5837,8 +5839,8 @@ re_exec (s)
regcomp (preg, pattern, cflags)
regex_t *preg;
const char *pattern;
regex_t *__restrict preg;
const char *__restrict pattern;
int cflags;
reg_errcode_t ret;
......@@ -5922,8 +5924,8 @@ WEAK_ALIAS (__regcomp, regcomp)
regexec (preg, string, nmatch, pmatch, eflags)
const regex_t *preg;
const char *string;
const regex_t *__restrict preg;
const char *__restrict string;
size_t nmatch;
regmatch_t pmatch[];
int eflags;
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