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;* doc/misc/info.texi (Choose menu subtopic): Improve indexing. (Bug#26236)

parent d38fd922
......@@ -1108,6 +1108,7 @@ other file with @kbd{g(@var{filename})*@key{RET}}.
@kindex 1 @r{through} 9 @r{(Info mode)}
@findex Info-nth-menu-item
@cindex select @var{n}'th menu item
@cindex menu items, select by their numbers
If you begrudge each character of type-in which your system requires,
you might like to use the commands @kbd{1}, @kbd{2}, @kbd{3}, @kbd{4},
@dots{}, @kbd{9}. They are short for the @kbd{m} command together
......@@ -1116,6 +1117,11 @@ in the current node's menu; @kbd{2} goes through the second item, etc.
In the stand-alone reader, @kbd{0} goes through the last menu item;
this is so you need not count how many entries are there.
@cindex 3rd menu item
@cindex third menu item
@cindex 6th menu item
@cindex sixth menu item
@cindex star @samp{*} before menu item
If your display supports multiple fonts, colors or underlining, and
you are using Emacs's Info mode to read Info files, the third, sixth
and ninth menu items have a @samp{*} that stands out, either in color
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