Commit adac86db authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(Finit_image_library): Pass LIBRARIES through to
CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE.  Declare parameters.  Doc fix.
(lookup_image_type): Pass Qnil as second argument to
parent f81b59a3
......@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ define_image_type (type, loaded)
success = Qt;
CACHE_IMAGE_TYPE(*type->type, success);
CACHE_IMAGE_TYPE (*type->type, success);
return success;
......@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ lookup_image_type (symbol)
struct image_type *type;
/* We must initialize the image-type if it hasn't been already. */
if (NILP (Finit_image_library (symbol)))
if (NILP (Finit_image_library (symbol, Qnil)))
return 0; /* unimplemented */
for (type = image_types; type; type = type->next)
......@@ -7927,10 +7927,10 @@ DEFUN ("lookup-image", Flookup_image, Slookup_image, 1, 1, 0, "")
/* Image types that rely on external libraries are loaded dynamically
if the library is available. */
#define CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(image_type, init_lib_fn) \
#define CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(image_type, init_lib_fn, libraries) \
define_image_type (image_type, init_lib_fn (libraries))
#define CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(image_type, init_lib_fn) \
#define CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(image_type, init_lib_fn, libraries) \
define_image_type (image_type, TRUE)
#endif /* HAVE_NTGUI */
......@@ -7940,8 +7940,9 @@ Return non-nil if TYPE is a supported image type.
Image types pbm and xbm are prebuilt; other types are loaded here.
Libraries to load are specified in alist LIBRARIES (usually, the value
of `image-library-alist', which see. */)
of `image-library-alist', which see). */)
(type, libraries)
Lisp_Object type, libraries;
Lisp_Object tested;
......@@ -7952,36 +7953,36 @@ of `image-library-alist', which see. */)
#if defined (HAVE_XPM) || defined (MAC_OS)
if (EQ (type, Qxpm))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&xpm_type, init_xpm_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&xpm_type, init_xpm_functions, libraries);
#if defined (HAVE_JPEG) || defined (MAC_OS)
if (EQ (type, Qjpeg))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&jpeg_type, init_jpeg_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&jpeg_type, init_jpeg_functions, libraries);
#if defined (HAVE_TIFF) || defined (MAC_OS)
if (EQ (type, Qtiff))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&tiff_type, init_tiff_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&tiff_type, init_tiff_functions, libraries);
#if defined (HAVE_GIF) || defined (MAC_OS)
if (EQ (type, Qgif))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&gif_type, init_gif_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&gif_type, init_gif_functions, libraries);
#if defined (HAVE_PNG) || defined (MAC_OS)
if (EQ (type, Qpng))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&png_type, init_png_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&png_type, init_png_functions, libraries);
if (EQ (type, Qpostscript))
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE(&gs_type, init_gs_functions);
return CHECK_LIB_AVAILABLE (&gs_type, init_gs_functions, libraries);
/* If the type is not recognized, avoid testing it ever again. */
CACHE_IMAGE_TYPE (type, Qnil);
return Qnil;
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