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* lisp/emacs-lisp/nadvice.el (advice--interactive-form): New function.

(advice--make-interactive-form): Use it to avoid (auto)loading function.
(advice--make-1, advice-add, advice-remove):
Remove braindead :advice-pending hack.
parent 61debe4a
2014-03-17 Stefan <>
* emacs-lisp/nadvice.el (advice--interactive-form): New function.
(advice--make-interactive-form): Use it to avoid (auto)loading function.
(advice--make-1, advice-add, advice-remove):
Remove braindead :advice-pending hack.
2014-03-17 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-generate-month): Apply weekend
......@@ -123,30 +123,34 @@ Each element has the form (WHERE BYTECODE STACK) where:
;; ((functionp spec) (funcall spec))
(t (eval spec))))
(defun advice--interactive-form (function)
;; Like `interactive-form' but tries to avoid autoloading functions.
(when (commandp function)
(if (not (and (symbolp function) (autoloadp (symbol-function function))))
(interactive-form function)
`(interactive (advice-eval-interactive-spec
(cadr (interactive-form ',function)))))))
(defun advice--make-interactive-form (function main)
;; TODO: make it so that interactive spec can be a constant which
;; dynamically checks the advice--car/cdr to do its job.
;; For that, advice-eval-interactive-spec needs to be more faithful.
(let ((fspec (cadr (interactive-form function))))
(let* ((iff (advice--interactive-form function))
(ifm (advice--interactive-form main))
(fspec (cadr iff)))
(when (eq 'function (car-safe fspec)) ;; Macroexpanded lambda?
(setq fspec (nth 1 fspec)))
(if (functionp fspec)
`(funcall ',fspec
',(cadr (interactive-form main)))
(cadr (or (interactive-form function)
(interactive-form main))))))
`(funcall ',fspec ',(cadr ifm))
(cadr (or iff ifm)))))
(defsubst advice--make-1 (byte-code stack-depth function main props)
(defun advice--make-1 (byte-code stack-depth function main props)
"Build a function value that adds FUNCTION to MAIN."
(let ((adv-sig (gethash main advertised-signature-table))
(apply #'make-byte-code 128 byte-code
(vector #'apply function main props) stack-depth nil
(and (or (commandp function) (commandp main))
;; If we're adding the advice on advice--pending, don't
;; build an interactive-form, which won't be used anyway
;; and would risk autoloading `main' (or `function').
(not (eq main :advice--pending))
(list (advice--make-interactive-form
function main))))))
(when adv-sig (puthash advice adv-sig advertised-signature-table))
......@@ -387,14 +391,11 @@ is defined as a macro, alias, command, ..."
;; Reasons to delay installation of the advice:
;; - If the function is not yet defined, installing
;; the advice would affect `fboundp'ness.
;; - If it's an autoloaded command,
;; advice--make-interactive-form would end up
;; loading the command eagerly.
;; - the symbol-function slot of an autoloaded
;; function is not itself a function value.
;; - `autoload' does nothing if the function is
;; not an autoload or undefined.
((or (not nf) (autoloadp nf))
(unless (get symbol 'advice--pending)
(put symbol 'advice--pending :advice--pending))
(get symbol 'advice--pending))
(t (symbol-function symbol)))
function props)
......@@ -418,9 +419,6 @@ of the piece of advice."
(t (symbol-function symbol)))
(unless (advice--p (advice--symbol-function symbol))
;; Not advised any more.
(when (eq (get symbol 'advice--pending) :advice--pending)
(put symbol 'advice--pending nil))
(remove-function (get symbol 'defalias-fset-function)
(let ((asr (get symbol 'advice--saved-rewrite)))
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