Commit adc3b85d authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(pmail-insert-pmail-file-header): Function deleted.

(pmail-decode-babyl-format): Function deleted.
parent aecb916e
......@@ -896,25 +896,6 @@ If `pmail-display-summary' is non-nil, make a summary for this PMAIL file."
(if run-mail-hook
(run-hooks 'pmail-mode-hook))))))
;; Given the value of MAILPATH, return a list of inbox file names.
;; This is turned off because it is not clear that the user wants
;; all these inboxes to feed into the primary pmail file.
; (defun pmail-convert-mailpath (string)
; (let (idx list)
; (while (setq idx (string-match "[%:]" string))
; (let ((this (substring string 0 idx)))
; (setq string (substring string (1+ idx)))
; (setq list (cons (if (string-match "%" this)
; (substring this 0 (string-match "%" this))
; this)
; list))))
; list))
; I have checked that adding "-*- pmail -*-" to the BABYL OPTIONS line
; will not cause emacs 18.55 problems.
;; This calls pmail-decode-babyl-format if the file is already Babyl.
(defun pmail-convert-file-maybe ()
"Determine if the file needs to be converted to mbox format."
......@@ -937,8 +918,7 @@ If `pmail-display-summary' is non-nil, make a summary for this PMAIL file."
(t (pmail-error-bad-format))))
(defun pmail-error-bad-format (&optional msgnum)
"Report that the buffer contains a message that is not RFC2822
"Report that the buffer is not in the mbox file format.
MSGNUM, if present, indicates the malformed message."
(if msgnum
(error "Message %s is not a valid RFC2822 message." msgnum)
......@@ -967,20 +947,9 @@ This function also reinitializes local variables used by Pmail."
(delete-file old-file)
(delete-file new-file))))
(defun pmail-insert-pmail-file-header ()
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
;; -*-pmail-*- is here so that visiting the file normally
;; recognizes it as an Pmail file.
(insert "BABYL OPTIONS: -*- pmail -*-
Version: 5
Note: This is the header of an pmail file.
Note: If you are seeing it in pmail,
Note: it means the file has no messages in it.\n\^_")))
(defun pmail-get-coding-system ()
"Return a suitable coding system to use for the mail message in
the region."
"Return a suitable coding system to use for the current mail message.
The buffer is expected to be narrowed to just the header of the message."
(let ((content-type-header (mail-fetch-field "content-type"))
......@@ -990,43 +959,6 @@ the region."
(substring content-type-header (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1))
;; Decode Babyl formatted part at the head of current buffer by
;; pmail-file-coding-system, or if it is nil, do auto conversion.
(defun pmail-decode-babyl-format ()
(let ((modifiedp (buffer-modified-p))
(buffer-read-only nil)
(coding-system pmail-file-coding-system)
from to)
(goto-char (point-min))
(search-forward "\n\^_" nil t) ; Skip BABYL header.
(setq from (point))
(goto-char (point-max))
(search-backward "\n\^_" from 'mv)
(setq to (point))
(unless (and coding-system
(coding-system-p coding-system))
(setq coding-system
;; If pmail-file-coding-system is nil, Emacs 21 writes
;; PMAIL files in emacs-mule, Emacs 22 in utf-8, but
;; earlier versions did that with the current buffer's
;; encoding. So we want to favor detection of emacs-mule
;; (whose normal priority is quite low) and utf-8, but
;; still allow detection of other encodings if they won't
;; fit. The call to with-coding-priority below achieves
;; that.
(with-coding-priority '(emacs-mule utf-8)
(detect-coding-region from to 'highest))))
(unless (eq (coding-system-type coding-system) 'undecided)
(set-buffer-modified-p t) ; avoid locking when decoding
(let ((buffer-undo-list t))
(decode-coding-region from to coding-system))
(setq coding-system last-coding-system-used))
(set-buffer-modified-p modifiedp)
(setq buffer-file-coding-system nil)
(setq save-buffer-coding-system
(or coding-system 'undecided))))
(defvar pmail-mode-map nil)
(if pmail-mode-map
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