Commit add44890 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(produce_glyphs): Don't treat eight-bit-* charsets as multibyte.

From Kenichi Handa.
parent 5b1ae051
......@@ -1856,6 +1856,17 @@ produce_glyphs (it)
it->pixel_width = nspaces;
it->nglyphs = nspaces;
else if (SINGLE_BYTE_CHAR_P (it->c))
/* Comming here means that it->c is from display table, thus we
must send the code as is to the terminal. Although there's
no way to know how many columns it occupies on a screen, it
is a good assumption that a single byte code has 1-column
width. */
it->pixel_width = it->nglyphs = 1;
if (it->glyph_row)
append_glyph (it);
/* A multi-byte character. The display width is fixed for all
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