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* NEWS: Add autorevert changes.

parent f74de345
2013-02-11 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: Add autorevert changes.
2013-02-05 Jan Djärv <>
* NEWS: Mention ns-use-native-fullscreen.
......@@ -240,6 +240,20 @@ creation, modification, and deletion of files. This requires the
'inotify' API on GNU/Linux systems. On MS-Windows systems, this is
supported for Windows XP and newer versions.
** Changes in autorevert.el
*** If Emacs is compiled with file notification support, notifications
are used instead of checking the time stamp of the files. You can
disable this by setting the user option `auto-revert-use-notify' to
nil. Alternatively, a regular expression of directories to be
excluded from file notifications can be specified by
*** The new user option `auto-revert-remote-files' enables reversion
of remote files when set to non-nil.
** Face changes
*** The `face-spec-set' is now analogous to `setq' for face specs.
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