Commit ade8d05e authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(ccl_coding_driver): If ccl->eight_bit_control is zero,

treat the produced bytes as a valid multibyte sequence.
parent 063af457
......@@ -4459,6 +4459,13 @@ ccl_coding_driver (coding, source, destination, src_bytes, dst_bytes, encodep)
coding->produced_char = coding->produced;
coding->spec.ccl.cr_carryover = ccl->cr_consumed;
else if (!ccl->eight_bit_control)
/* The produced bytes forms a valid multibyte sequence. */
= multibyte_chars_in_text (destination, coding->produced);
coding->spec.ccl.eight_bit_carryover[0] = 0;
/* On decoding, the destination should always multibyte. But,
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