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(PostScript Variables): Explain how to set up use of

BDF fonts for ps-print.
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......@@ -1444,8 +1444,32 @@ for printing ordinary text. Legitimate values include @code{Courier},
@code{Times}. The variable @code{ps-font-size} specifies the size of
the font for ordinary text. It defaults to 8.5 points.
@vindex ps-multibyte-buffer
@cindex Intlfonts for PostScript printing
@cindex fonts for PostScript printing
Emacs supports more scripts and characters than a typical PostScript
printer. Thus, some of the characters in your buffer might not be
printable using the fonts built into your printer. You can augment
the fonts supplied with the printer with those from the GNU Intlfonts
package, or you can instruct Emacs to use Intlfonts exclusively. The
variable @code{ps-multibyte-buffer} controls this: the default value,
@code{nil}, is appropriate for printing @sc{ascii} and Latin-1
characters; a value of @code{non-latin-printer} is for printers which
have the fonts for @sc{ascii}, Latin-1, Japanese, and Korean
characters built into them. A value of @code{bdf-font} arranges for
the BDF fonts from the Intlfonts package to be used for @emph{all}
characters. Finally, a value of @code{bdf-font-except-latin}
instructs the printer to use built-in fonts for @sc{ascii} and Latin-1
characters, and Intlfonts BDF fonts for the rest.
@vindex bdf-directory-list
To be able to use the BDF fonts, Emacs should know where to find
them. The variable @code{bdf-directory-list} holds the list of
directories where Emacs should look for the fonts; the default value
includes a single directory @file{/usr/local/share/emacs/fonts/bdf}.
Many other customization variables for these commands are defined and
described in the Lisp file @file{ps-print.el}.
described in the Lisp files @file{ps-print.el} and @file{ps-mule.el}.
@node Sorting, Narrowing, PostScript Variables, Top
@section Sorting Text
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