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Some rough FAQ additions for Emacs 24

* doc/misc/faq.texi (New in Emacs 24): New section.
(Packages that do not come with Emacs): Mention M-x list-packages.
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2012-04-20 Glenn Morris <>
* faq.texi (New in Emacs 24): New section.
(Packages that do not come with Emacs): Mention M-x list-packages.
2012-04-13 Glenn Morris <>
* Replace non-portable use of $< in emacs-gnutls rules.
......@@ -942,6 +942,7 @@ status of its latest version.
* Origin of the term Emacs::
* Latest version of Emacs::
* New in Emacs 24::
* New in Emacs 23::
* New in Emacs 22::
* New in Emacs 21::
......@@ -1009,12 +1010,84 @@ Emacs, type @kbd{C-h C-n} (@kbd{M-x view-emacs-news}). As of Emacs 22,
you can give this command a prefix argument to read about which features
were new in older versions.
@node New in Emacs 24
@section What is different about Emacs 24?
@cindex Differences between Emacs 23 and Emacs 24
@cindex Emacs 24, new features in
@cindex packages, installing more
Emacs now includes a package manager. Type @kbd{M-x list-packages} to
get started. You can use this to download and automatically install
many more Lisp packages.
@cindex lexical binding
Emacs Lisp now supports lexical binding on a per-file basis. In
@emph{lexical binding}, variable references must be located textually
within the binding construct. This contrasts with @emph{dynamic
binding}, where programs can refer to variables defined outside their
local textual scope. A Lisp file can use a local variable setting of
@code{lexical-binding: t} to indicate that the contents should be
interpreted using lexical binding. See the Emacs Lisp Reference
Manual for more details.
@cindex bidirectional display
@cindex right-to-left languages
Some human languages, such as English, are written from left to right.
Others, such as Arabic, are written from right to left. Emacs now has
support for any mixture of these forms---this is ``bidirectional text''.
Handling of text selections has been improved, and now integrates
better with external clipboards.
@cindex themes
A new command @kbd{customize-themes} allows you to easily change the
appearance of your Emacs.
Emacs can be compiled with the Gtk+ 3 toolkit.
Support for several new external libraries can be included at compile
``Security-Enhanced Linux'' (SELinux) is a Linux kernel feature that
provides more sophisticated file access controls than ordinary
``Unix-style'' file permissions.
The ImageMagick display library. This allows you to display many more
image format in Emacs, as well as carry out transformations such as
The GnuTLS library for secure network communications. Emacs uses this
transparently for email if your mail server supports it.
The libxml2 library for parsing XML structures.
@end itemize
Much more flexibility in the handling of windows and buffer display.
@end itemize
As always, consult the @file{NEWS} file for more information.
@node New in Emacs 23
@section What is different about Emacs 23?
@cindex Differences between Emacs 22 and Emacs 23
@cindex Emacs 23, new features in
@cindex Recently introduced features
@cindex Default features
......@@ -1065,8 +1138,7 @@ Other changes include: support for serial port access; D-Bus bindings; a
new Visual Line mode for line-motion; improved completion; a new mode
(@samp{DocView}) for viewing of PDF, PostScript, and DVI documents; nXML
mode (for editing XML documents) is included; VC has been updated for
newer version control systems; etc. As always, consult the @file{NEWS}
file for more information.
newer version control systems; etc.
@node New in Emacs 22
......@@ -3225,6 +3297,14 @@ see @ref{Packages that do not come with Emacs}.
@cindex Emacs Lisp List
@cindex Emacs Lisp Archive
Your first port of call should be the @kbd{M-x list-packages} command.
This connects to the @uref{http:///, GNU ELPA} (``Emacs
Lisp Package Archive'') server and fetches the list of additional
packages that it offers. These are GNU packages that are available
for use with Emacs, but are distributed separately. Select a package
to get more details about the features that it offers, and then if you
wish, Emacs can download and automatically install it for you.
@uref{, The Emacs Lisp
List (ELL)}, maintained by @email{, Stephen Eglen},
aims to provide one compact list with links to all of the current Emacs
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