Commit ae055834 authored by Tino Calancha's avatar Tino Calancha
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dired-align-file: Inherit text properties in inserted spaces

* lisp/dired.el (dired-align-file): Inherit text
properties in inserted spaces (Bug#27899).
* test/lisp/dired-tests.el (dired-test-bug27899): Add test.
parent e82c4f56
......@@ -1205,7 +1205,7 @@ BEG..END is the line where the file info is located."
(setq file-col (+ spaces file-col))
(if (> file-col other-col)
(setq spaces (- spaces (- file-col other-col))))
(insert-char ?\s spaces)
(insert-char ?\s spaces 'inherit)
;; Let's just make really sure we did not mess up.
(unless (save-excursion
(eq (dired-move-to-filename) (marker-position file)))
......@@ -260,6 +260,21 @@
(delete-directory dir 'recursive)
(when (buffer-live-p buf) (kill-buffer buf)))))
(ert-deftest dired-test-bug27899 ()
"Test for ."
(let* ((dir (expand-file-name "src" source-directory))
(buf (dired (list dir "cygw32.c" "alloc.c" "w32xfns.c" "xdisp.c")))
(orig dired-hide-details-mode))
(dired-goto-file (expand-file-name "cygw32.c"))
(forward-line 0)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(dired-align-file (point) (point-max)))
(dired-hide-details-mode t)
(should (eq 2 (current-column))))
(dired-hide-details-mode orig))))
(provide 'dired-tests)
;; dired-tests.el ends here
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