Commit ae0d4615 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Merge from emacs-24; up to 2012-12-25T17:37:29Z!

parents 2523c845 c69f4673
2013-03-11 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (make-manuals): Add emacs-lisp-intro and some more
doc/misc manuals.
(manual-html-mono, manual-html-node, manual-txt):
Pass -I to makeinfo.
2013-03-10 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (add-release-logs): Use UTC for release date.
......@@ -228,17 +228,33 @@ Root must be the root of an Emacs source tree."
(manual-pdf texi (expand-file-name "elisp.pdf" dest))
(manual-dvi texi (expand-file-name "elisp.dvi" dvi-dir)
(expand-file-name "" ps-dir)))
(let ((texi (expand-file-name "doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi" root))
(dest (expand-file-name "emacs-lisp-intro" dest))
dest2 dest3)
;; Mimic the atypical directory layout used for emacs-lisp-intro.
(make-directory dest)
(make-directory (setq dest2 (expand-file-name "html_node" dest)))
(manual-html-node texi dest2)
(make-directory (setq dest2 (expand-file-name "html_mono" dest)))
(manual-html-mono texi (expand-file-name "emacs-lisp-intro.html" dest2))
(make-directory (setq dest2 (expand-file-name "txt" dest)))
(manual-txt texi (expand-file-name "emacs-lisp-intro.txt" dest2))
(manual-pdf texi (expand-file-name "emacs-lisp-intro.pdf" dest))
(make-directory (setq dest2 (expand-file-name "dvi" dest)))
(make-directory (setq dest3 (expand-file-name "ps" dest)))
(manual-dvi texi (expand-file-name "emacs-lisp-intro.dvi" dest2)
(expand-file-name "" dest3)))
;; Misc manuals
(let ((manuals '("ada-mode" "auth" "autotype" "calc" "cc-mode"
(let ((manuals '("ada-mode" "auth" "autotype" "bovine" "calc" "cc-mode"
"cl" "dbus" "dired-x" "ebrowse" "ede" "ediff"
"edt" "eieio" "emacs-mime" "epa" "erc" "ert"
"edt" "eieio" "emacs-gnutls" "emacs-mime" "epa" "erc" "ert"
"eshell" "eudc" "faq" "flymake" "forms"
"gnus" "emacs-gnutls" "idlwave" "info"
"gnus" "htmlfontify" "idlwave" "info"
"mairix-el" "message" "mh-e" "newsticker"
"nxml-mode" "org" "pcl-cvs" "pgg" "rcirc"
"remember" "reftex" "sasl" "sc" "semantic"
"ses" "sieve" "smtpmail" "speedbar" "tramp"
"url" "vip" "viper" "widget" "woman")))
"reftex" "remember" "sasl" "sc" "semantic"
"ses" "sieve" "smtpmail" "speedbar" "srecode" "tramp"
"url" "vip" "viper" "widget" "wisent" "woman")))
(dolist (manual manuals)
(manual-misc-html manual root html-node-dir html-mono-dir)))
(message "Manuals created in %s" dest)))
......@@ -269,6 +285,10 @@ This function also edits the HTML files so that they validate as
HTML 4.01 Transitional, and pulls in the stylesheet using
the @import directive."
(call-process "makeinfo" nil nil nil
"-I" (expand-file-name "../emacs"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"-I" (expand-file-name "../misc"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"--html" "--no-split" texi-file "-o" dest)
(insert-file-contents dest)
......@@ -290,6 +310,10 @@ the @import directive."
(unless (file-exists-p texi-file)
(error "Manual file %s not found" texi-file))
(call-process "makeinfo" nil nil nil
"-I" (expand-file-name "../emacs"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"-I" (expand-file-name "../misc"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"--html" texi-file "-o" dir)
;; Loop through the node files, fixing them up.
(dolist (f (directory-files dir nil "\\.html\\'"))
......@@ -321,6 +345,10 @@ the @import directive."
(defun manual-txt (texi-file dest)
"Run Makeinfo on TEXI-FILE, emitting plaintext output to DEST."
(call-process "makeinfo" nil nil nil
"-I" (expand-file-name "../emacs"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"-I" (expand-file-name "../misc"
(file-name-directory texi-file))
"--plaintext" "--no-split" texi-file "-o" dest)
(shell-command (concat "gzip -c " dest " > " (concat dest ".gz"))))
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