Commit ae26e27d authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(dump_glyph_row): Fix printf format string.

(display_line, move_it_in_display_line_to): Avoid compiler
parent 423193c5
......@@ -4278,7 +4278,7 @@ move_it_in_display_line_to (it, to_charpos, to_x, op)
while (1)
int x, i, ascent, descent;
int x, i, ascent = 0, descent = 0;
/* Stop when ZV or TO_CHARPOS reached. */
if (!get_next_display_element (it)
......@@ -10913,8 +10913,8 @@ dump_glyph_row (matrix, vpos, with_glyphs_p)
fprintf (stderr, "Row Start End Used oEI><O\\CTZFes X Y W H V A P\n");
fprintf (stderr, "=======================================================================\n");
fprintf (stderr, "%3d %5d %5d %4d %1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1 \
1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d\n",
fprintf (stderr, "%3d %5d %5d %4d %1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d\
%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d%1.1d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d %4d\n",
row - matrix->rows,
......@@ -11579,7 +11579,7 @@ display_line (it)
int n_glyphs_before, hpos_before, x_before;
int x, i, nglyphs;
int ascent, descent, phys_ascent, phys_descent;
int ascent = 0, descent = 0, phys_ascent = 0, phys_descent = 0;
/* Retrieve the next thing to display. Value is zero if end of
buffer reached. */
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