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Describe new completion rules more clearly.

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......@@ -411,6 +411,19 @@ Emacs asks for confirmation. The default value is `after-completion'.
If you change it to t, Emacs always asks for confirmation; if you
change it to nil, Emacs never asks for confirmation.
*** The rules for performing completion have been changed.
When generating completion alternatives, Emacs now takes the
minibuffer text after point, if any, into account: this text is
treated as a substring of the remaining part of the completion
alternative (i.e., the part not matched by the minibuffer text before
point). If no completion alternatives are found this way, Emacs
attempts to perform partial-completion. If still no completion
alternatives are found, we fall back on the Emacs 22 rules for
performing completion.
The new variable `completion-styles' can be customized to choose your
favorite completion style.
*** When M-n in the minibuffer reaches the end of the list of defaults,
it adds the completion list to the end, so next M-n continues putting
completion items to the minibuffer. The same principle applies to
......@@ -453,11 +466,6 @@ completion-ignore-case for file name completion.
*** The variable read-buffer-completion-ignore-case overrides
completion-ignore-case for buffer name completion.
*** `completion-styles' can be customized to choose your favorite
completion style.
*** The default completion styles include a form of partial-completion.
*** The new command `minibuffer-force-complete' chooses one of the
possible completions, rather than stopping at the common prefix.
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