Commit aecd6486 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* calendar.el (calendar-time-zone): Initialize this when

	calendar.el loads, not in the defvar.
parent 806b4d9b
......@@ -477,11 +477,22 @@ For example, -74.0 for New York City.")
`calendar-longitude', calendar-latitude'. Default value is just the latitude,
longitude pair.")
;;; Since this defvar is marked to go into loaddefs.el, it will be
;;; evaluated when Emacs is dumped. However, this variable's
;;; appropriate value really depends on the conditions under which the
;;; code is invoked; it would be inappropriate to initialize this when
;;; Emacs is dumped. So, we initialize it to nil now, and if it's
;;; still nil when this file is actually loaded, we give it its real value.
(defvar calendar-time-zone (car (current-time-zone))
(defvar calendar-time-zone nil
"*Number of minutes difference between local standard time at
`calendar-location-name' and Universal (Greenwich) Time. For example, -300
for New York City, -480 for Los Angeles.")
for New York City, -480 for Los Angeles.
If this is nil, it will be set to the local time zone when the calendar
package loads.")
;;; If the user has given this a real value, don't wipe it out.
(or calendar-time-zone
(setq calendar-time-zone (current-time-zone)))
(defvar calendar-standard-time-zone-name (car (nthcdr 2 (current-time-zone)))
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