Commit aeeace45 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(skeleton-abbrev-cleanup, skeleton-proxy): Remove obsolete code.

parent 6f8968c8
......@@ -98,10 +98,6 @@ skeleton elements.")
"*Replacement for %s in prompts of recursive subskeletons.")
(defvar skeleton-abbrev-cleanup nil
"Variable used to delete the character that led to abbrev expansion.")
(defvar skeleton-debug nil
"*If non-nil `define-skeleton' will override previous definition.")
......@@ -170,61 +166,6 @@ of `str' whereas the skeleton's interactor is then ignored."
;; Otherwise the no-self-insert is ignored.
;; This command isn't meant to be called, only its aliases with meaningful
;; names are.
(defun skeleton-proxy (&optional str arg)
"Insert skeleton defined by variable of same name (see `skeleton-insert').
Prefix ARG allows wrapping around words or regions (see `skeleton-insert').
If no ARG was given, but the region is visible, ARG defaults to -1 depending
on `skeleton-autowrap'. An ARG of M-0 will prevent this just for once.
This command can also be an abbrev expansion (3rd and 4th columns in
\\[edit-abbrevs] buffer: \"\" command-name).
When called as a function, optional first argument STR may also be a string
which will be the value of `str' whereas the skeleton's interactor is then
(interactive "*P\nP")
(let ((function (nth 1 (backtrace-frame 1))))
(if (eq function 'nth) ; uncompiled Lisp function
(setq function (nth 1 (backtrace-frame 5)))
(if (eq function 'byte-code) ; tracing byte-compiled function
(setq function (nth 1 (backtrace-frame 2)))))
(if (not (setq function (funcall skeleton-filter (symbol-value function))))
(if (memq this-command '(self-insert-command
(setq buffer-undo-list (primitive-undo 1 buffer-undo-list)))
(skeleton-insert function
(if (setq skeleton-abbrev-cleanup
(or (eq this-command 'self-insert-command)
(eq this-command
;; Pretend C-x a e passed its prefix arg to us
(if (or arg current-prefix-arg)
(prefix-numeric-value (or arg
(and skeleton-autowrap
(or (eq last-command 'mouse-drag-region)
(and transient-mark-mode mark-active))
(if (stringp str)
(and skeleton-abbrev-cleanup
(setq skeleton-abbrev-cleanup (point))
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'skeleton-abbrev-cleanup nil t)))))
(defun skeleton-abbrev-cleanup (&rest list)
"Value for `post-command-hook' to remove char that expanded abbrev."
(if (integerp skeleton-abbrev-cleanup)
(delete-region skeleton-abbrev-cleanup (point))
(setq skeleton-abbrev-cleanup)
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook 'skeleton-abbrev-cleanup t))))
(defun skeleton-insert (skeleton &optional regions str)
"Insert the complex statement skeleton SKELETON describes very concisely.
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