Commit aefad52d authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-bignum-digit-length): Change to optimal value.

(math-read-number-simple): Remove leading 0s.
parent cd42ec7d
......@@ -2283,7 +2283,8 @@ See calc-keypad for details."
(defconst math-bignum-digit-length 3
(defconst math-bignum-digit-length
(truncate (/ (log10 (/ most-positive-fixnum 2)) 2))
"The length of a \"digit\" in Calc bignums.
If a big integer is of the form (bigpos N0 N1 ...), this is the
length of the allowable Emacs integers N0, N1,...
......@@ -3466,6 +3467,8 @@ and all digits are kept, regardless of Calc's current precision."
;; Integer
((string-match "^[0-9]+$" s)
(if (string-match "^\\(0+\\)" s)
(setq s (substring s (match-end 0))))
(if (<= (length s) (* 2 math-bignum-digit-length))
(string-to-number s)
(cons 'bigpos (math-read-bignum s))))
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