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Clarification in tramp-texi

* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Connection caching): Two connections are
regarded as different now when they differ in the port number only.
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......@@ -1695,18 +1695,6 @@ new one on next Emacs startup.
Set @option{tramp-persistency-file-name} to @code{nil} to disable
storing connections persistently.
To reuse connection information from the persistent list,
@value{tramp} needs to uniquely identify every host. However in some
cases, two different connections may result in the same persistent
information. For example, connecting to a host using @command{ssh} and
connecting to the same host through @code{sshd} on port 3001. Both
access methods result in nearly identical persistent specifications
@file{@trampfn{ssh,localhost,}} and @file{@trampfn{ssh,localhost#3001,}}.
Changing host names could avoid duplicates. One way is to add a
@option{Host} section in @file{~/.ssh/config} (@pxref{Frequently Asked
Questions}). Another way is to apply multiple hops (@pxref{Multi-hops}).
When @value{tramp} detects a change in the operating system version in
a remote host (via the command @command{uname -sr}), it flushes all
connection related information for that host and creates a new entry.
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