Commit af1c6c84 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix some custom types

* gnus/gnus.el (gnus-valid-select-methods): Fix type.

* gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-request-articles-find-limit): Fix type, version.

* net/shr.el (shr-table-horizontal-line): Fix custom type.
parent 3e6b67c9
2013-08-13 Glenn Morris <>
* net/shr.el (shr-table-horizontal-line): Fix custom type.
2013-08-13 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/timer.el (timer--time-setter): New function.
2013-08-13 Glenn Morris <>
* gnus.el (gnus-valid-select-methods): Fix type.
* nnimap.el (nnimap-request-articles-find-limit): Fix type, version.
2013-08-12 Katsumi Yamaoka <>
* mm-decode.el (mm-display-external): Run a timer for the temp files
......@@ -1649,6 +1649,7 @@ this variable. I think."
(const post-mail))
(checklist :inline t :greedy t
(const :format "%v " address)
(const global)
(const :format "%v " prompt-address)
(const :format "%v " physical-address)
(const virtual)
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ textual parts.")
(defcustom nnimap-request-articles-find-limit nil
"Limit the number of articles to look for after moving an article."
:type 'integer
:version "24.3"
:type '(choice (const nil) integer)
:version "24.4"
:group 'nnimap)
(defvar nnimap-process nil)
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ fit these criteria."
"Character used to draw horizontal table lines.
If nil, don't draw horizontal table lines."
:group 'shr
:type 'character)
:type '(choice (const nil) character))
(defcustom shr-table-vertical-line ?\s
"Character used to draw vertical table lines."
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