Commit af1d6f09 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe_map_tree): New arg NOMENU.

(describe_buffer_bindings): Pass new arg.
parent f8ba73c1
......@@ -938,7 +938,7 @@ KEY is a key sequence (a string or vector of characters or event types).\n\
Non-ASCII characters with codes above 127 (such as ISO Latin-1)\n\
can be included if you use a vector.\n\
The binding goes in the current buffer's local map,\n\
which is shared with other buffers in the same major mode.")
which in most cases is shared with all other buffers in the same major mode.")
(keys, function)
Lisp_Object keys, function;
......@@ -1761,7 +1761,7 @@ nominal alternate\n\
p += sizeof (" Minor Mode Bindings");
*p = 0;
describe_map_tree (maps[i], 0, shadow, prefix, title);
describe_map_tree (maps[i], 0, shadow, prefix, title, 0);
shadow = Fcons (maps[i], shadow);
......@@ -1771,12 +1771,12 @@ nominal alternate\n\
if (!NILP (start1))
describe_map_tree (start1, 0, shadow, prefix,
"Major Mode Bindings");
"Major Mode Bindings", 0);
shadow = Fcons (start1, shadow);
describe_map_tree (current_global_map, 0, shadow, prefix,
"Global Bindings");
"Global Bindings", 0);
Fset_buffer (descbuf);
return Qnil;
......@@ -1790,13 +1790,15 @@ nominal alternate\n\
don't mention keys which would be shadowed by any of them.
PREFIX, if non-nil, says mention only keys that start with PREFIX.
TITLE, if not 0, is a string to insert at the beginning.
TITLE should not end with a colon or a newline; we supply that. */
TITLE should not end with a colon or a newline; we supply that.
If NOMENU is not 0, then omit menu-bar commands. */
describe_map_tree (startmap, partial, shadow, prefix, title)
describe_map_tree (startmap, partial, shadow, prefix, title, nomenu)
Lisp_Object startmap, shadow, prefix;
int partial;
char *title;
int nomenu;
Lisp_Object maps;
struct gcpro gcpro1;
......@@ -1809,6 +1811,26 @@ key binding\n\
maps = Faccessible_keymaps (startmap, prefix);
GCPRO1 (maps);
if (nomenu)
Lisp_Object list;
/* Delete from MAPS each element that is for the menu bar. */
for (list = maps; !NILP (list); list = XCONS (list)->cdr)
Lisp_Object elt, prefix, tem;
elt = Fcar (list);
prefix = Fcar (elt);
if (XVECTOR (prefix)->size >= 1)
tem = Faref (prefix, make_number (0));
if (EQ (tem, Qmenu_bar))
maps = Fdelq (elt, maps);
if (!NILP (maps))
if (title)
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