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......@@ -870,6 +870,9 @@ coding system now also encodes characters from most of Emacs's
one-dimensional internal charsets, specifically the ISO-8859 ones.
The utf-16 coding system is affected similarly.
** New variable `utf-translate-cjk-unicode-range' controls which
Unicode characters to translate in `utf-translate-cjk-mode'.
** iso-10646-1 (`Unicode') fonts can be used to display any range of
characters encodable by the utf-8 coding system. Just specify the
fontset appropriately.
2004-10-27 Kenichi Handa <>
* international/subst-jis.el: Use
* international/subst-gb2312.el: Likewise.
* international/subst-big5.el: Likewise.
* international/subst-ksc.el: Likewise.
* international/utf-8.el (utf-translate-cjk-unicode-range-string):
New variable.
(utf-translate-cjk-set-unicode-range): New function.
(utf-translate-cjk-unicode-range): Make it customizable.
(utf-8-post-read-conversion): Use
2004-10-26 Daniel Pfeiffer <>
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Add pod, js, xbm and xpm and group
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