Commit af5e96cd authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(mml-minibuffer-read-disposition): Don't use inline by default

for text/rtf.  Display default in prompt.  Pass default for M-n.
parent dd44836c
......@@ -943,13 +943,15 @@ See Info node `(emacs-mime)Composing'.
(defun mml-minibuffer-read-disposition (type &optional default)
(let* ((default (or default
(if (string-match "^text/.*" type)
(disposition (completing-read "Disposition: "
'(("attachment") ("inline") (""))
nil t)))
(unless default (setq default
(if (and (string-match "\\`text/" type)
(not (string-match "\\`text/rtf\\'" type)))
(let ((disposition (completing-read
(format "Disposition (default %s): " default)
'(("attachment") ("inline") (""))
nil t nil nil default)))
(if (not (equal disposition ""))
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