Commit af6e9e85 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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Add mouse pointer shape constants.

parent 89767eec
......@@ -230,6 +230,55 @@ This function returns ARGS minus the arguments that have been processed."
(funcall handler this-switch))
(setq args (cons orig-this-switch args)))))
(nconc (nreverse args) x-invocation-args))
;; Standard Mac cursor shapes
(defconst mac-pointer-arrow 0)
(defconst mac-pointer-copy-arrow 1)
(defconst mac-pointer-alias-arrow 2)
(defconst mac-pointer-contextual-menu-arrow 3)
(defconst mac-pointer-I-beam 4)
(defconst mac-pointer-cross 5)
(defconst mac-pointer-plus 6)
(defconst mac-pointer-watch 7)
(defconst mac-pointer-closed-hand 8)
(defconst mac-pointer-open-hand 9)
(defconst mac-pointer-pointing-hand 10)
(defconst mac-pointer-counting-up-hand 11)
(defconst mac-pointer-counting-down-hand 12)
(defconst mac-pointer-counting-up-and-down-hand 13)
(defconst mac-pointer-spinning 14)
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-left 15)
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-right 16)
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-left-right 17)
;; Mac OS X 10.2 and later
(defconst mac-pointer-not-allowed 18)
;; Mac OS X 10.3 and later
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-up 19)
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-down 20)
(defconst mac-pointer-resize-up-down 21)
(defconst mac-pointer-poof 22)
;; Standard X cursor shapes that have Mac counterparts
(defconst x-pointer-left-ptr mac-pointer-arrow)
(defconst x-pointer-xterm mac-pointer-I-beam)
(defconst x-pointer-crosshair mac-pointer-cross)
(defconst x-pointer-plus mac-pointer-plus)
(defconst x-pointer-watch mac-pointer-watch)
(defconst x-pointer-hand2 mac-pointer-pointing-hand)
(defconst x-pointer-left-side mac-pointer-resize-left)
(defconst x-pointer-right-side mac-pointer-resize-right)
(defconst x-pointer-sb-h-double-arrow mac-pointer-resize-left-right)
(defconst x-pointer-top-side mac-pointer-resize-up)
(defconst x-pointer-bottom-side mac-pointer-resize-down)
(defconst x-pointer-sb-v-double-arrow mac-pointer-resize-up-down)
;; Available colors
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