Commit af79c3cb authored by Ulrich Mueller's avatar Ulrich Mueller Committed by Glenn Morris

* (EMACS_CONFIGURATION): Escape backslashes.

Fixes: debbugs:15091
parent 281c7202
2013-08-14 Ulrich Müller <>
* (EMACS_CONFIGURATION): Escape backslashes. (Bug#15091)
2013-08-12 Eli Zaretskii <>
* (HAVE_ZLIB): Don't use -lz on MinGW.
......@@ -4439,7 +4439,7 @@ fi
[Define to the canonical Emacs configuration name.])
dnl Replace any embedded " characters (bug#13274).
emacs_config_options=`echo "$emacs_config_options " | sed -e 's/--no-create //' -e 's/--no-recursion //' -e 's/ *$//' -e "s/\"/'/g"`
emacs_config_options=`echo "$emacs_config_options " | sed -e 's/--no-create //' -e 's/--no-recursion //' -e 's/ *$//' -e "s/\"/'/g" -e 's/\\\\/\\\\\\\\/g'`
[Define to the options passed to configure.])
AH_TEMPLATE(config_opsysfile, [Some platforms that do not use configure
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