Commit af898b0f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(comint-file-name-chars): Doc fix.

(comint-word): Treat all non-ASCII chars as "[art of word".
parent 19d73313
......@@ -1926,6 +1926,8 @@ directory tracking functions.")
"String of characters valid in a file name.
Note that all non-ASCII characters are considered valid in a file name
regardless of what this variable says.
This is a good thing to set in mode hooks.")
......@@ -1945,12 +1947,14 @@ This is a good thing to set in mode hooks.")
(defun comint-word (word-chars)
"Return the word of WORD-CHARS at point, or nil if non is found.
Word constituents are considered to be those in WORD-CHARS, which is like the
inside of a \"[...]\" (see `skip-chars-forward')."
inside of a \"[...]\" (see `skip-chars-forward'),
plus all non-ASCII characters."
(let ((non-word-chars (concat "[^\\\\" word-chars "]")) (here (point)))
(while (and (re-search-backward non-word-chars nil 'move)
;(memq (char-after (point)) shell-file-name-quote-list)
(eq (preceding-char) ?\\))
;;(memq (char-after (point)) shell-file-name-quote-list)
(or (>= (following-char) 128)
(eq (preceding-char) ?\\)))
(backward-char 1))
;; Don't go forward over a word-char (this can happen if we're at bob).
(if (or (not (bobp)) (looking-at non-word-chars))
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