Commit afba0c4b authored by Julien Danjou's avatar Julien Danjou Committed by Katsumi Yamaoka
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shr,el: Allow shr table char to be customized.

gnus-gravatar.el (gnus-gravatar-transform-address): Error errors when retrieving gravatars.
parent e08ea0f8
2010-10-09 Julien Danjou <>
* gnus-gravatar.el (gnus-gravatar-transform-address): Error errors when
retrieving gravatars.
* shr.el (shr-table-corner): Add.
(shr-table-line): Add.
(shr-insert-table-ruler): Use the above defcustoms to insert tables.
2010-10-08 Julien Danjou <>
* mm-decode.el (mm-text-html-renderer): Add mm-shr in choice list.
......@@ -68,10 +68,11 @@
(and (cdr address)
(string-match gnus-gravatar-too-ugly
(cdr address)))))
(car address)
(list header address category))))))))
(car address)
(list header address category)))))))))
(defun gnus-gravatar-insert (gravatar header address category)
"Insert GRAVATAR for ADDRESS in HEADER in current article buffer.
......@@ -53,6 +53,16 @@ fit these criteria."
:group 'shr
:type 'regexp)
(defcustom shr-table-line ?-
"Character used to draw table line."
:group 'shr
:type 'char)
(defcustom shr-table-corner ?+
"Charater used to draw table corner."
:group 'shr
:type 'char)
(defvar shr-content-function nil
"If bound, this should be a function that will return the content.
This is used for cid: URLs, and the function is called with the
......@@ -532,9 +542,9 @@ Return a string with image data."
(defun shr-insert-table-ruler (widths)
(insert "+")
(insert shr-table-corner)
(dotimes (i (length widths))
(insert (make-string (aref widths i) ?-) ?+))
(insert (make-string (aref widths i) shr-table-line) shr-table-corner))
(insert "\n"))
(defun shr-table-widths (table suggested-widths)
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