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2003-01-13 Kim F. Storm <>
* ido.el (ido-enable-tramp-completion): New defcustom.
(ido-enter-single-matching-directory): Change default to 'slash.
(ido-is-tramp-root): New defun.
(ido-is-root-directory, ido-is-ftp-directory, ido-is-slow-ftp-host)
(ido-may-cache-directory, ido-final-slash, ido-read-internal)
(ido-complete, ido-make-file-list1, ido-make-dir-list1):
Handle tramp completion.
(ido-file-name-all-completions1): New defun for tramp completion.
(ido-file-name-all-completions): Use it.
(ido-set-matches1): Relax matching of text with trailing slash.
(ido-exhibit): Handle tramp completion.
Simplified code using nested cond forms using new `refresh' var.
Fixed handling of /~user/ paths.
2003-01-12 Andreas Schwab <>
* arc-mode.el (archive-mode-map): Use command remapping instead of
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
* process.c: (QCvars): New variable.
(syms_of_process): Intern and staticpro it.
(Fset_process_contact): Removed function.
(Fprocess_variable, Fset_process_variable): New functions.
(syms_of_process): Defsubr them.
(Fstart_process): Initialize private_vars plist to nil.
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