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Clarify kmacro package.

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......@@ -1870,10 +1870,10 @@ are left unspecified and can be bound individually through the global
or local keymaps.
** The new kmacro package provides a simpler user interface to
emacs' keyboard macro facilities.
** Emacs' keyboard macro facilities have been enhanced by the new
kmacro package.
Basically, it uses two function keys (default F3 and F4) like this:
Keyboard macros are now defined and executed via the F3 and F4 keys:
F3 starts a macro, F4 ends the macro, and pressing F4 again executes
the last macro. While defining the macro, F3 inserts a counter value
which automatically increments every time the macro is executed.
......@@ -1888,8 +1888,8 @@ manipulating the macro counter and format via C-x C-k C-c,
C-x C-k C-a, and C-x C-k C-f. See the commentary in kmacro.el
for more commands.
The normal macro bindings C-x (, C-x ), and C-x e now interfaces to
the keyboard macro ring.
The original macro bindings C-x (, C-x ), and C-x e are still
available, but they now interface to the keyboard macro ring too.
The C-x e command now automatically terminates the current macro
before calling it, if used while defining a macro.
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