Commit afe4969a authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora

Revert "Nudge icomplete-mode a little closer to fido-mode"

Fixes bug#38131.

This is not the best way to have fido-mdoe emulate that particular bit
of ido-mode.

This reverts commit 5761a1a3.
parent 5c74b806
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......@@ -572,13 +572,6 @@ matches exist."
(compare (compare-strings name nil nil
most nil nil completion-ignore-case))
(ellipsis (if (char-displayable-p ?) "…" "..."))
;; `determ' is what we "determined" to be the thing that
;; TAB will complete to. Also, if we're working with a
;; large prefix (like when finding files), we want to
;; truncate the common prefix away. `determ-ellipsis'
;; says if we should do it with an `ellipsis'. Icomplete
;; uses one, Ido doesn't.
(determ-ellipsis (if fido-mode "" ellipsis))
(determ (unless (or (eq t compare) (eq t most-try)
(= (setq compare (1- (abs compare)))
(length most)))
......@@ -589,10 +582,8 @@ matches exist."
(substring most compare))
;; Don't bother truncating if it doesn't gain
;; us at least 2 columns.
((< compare (+ 2 (string-width determ-ellipsis)))
(t (concat determ-ellipsis
(substring most compare))))
((< compare (+ 2 (string-width ellipsis))) most)
(t (concat ellipsis (substring most compare))))
;;"-prospects" - more than one candidate
(prospects-len (+ (string-width
......@@ -673,8 +664,6 @@ matches exist."
(mapconcat 'identity prospects icomplete-separator)
(and limit (concat icomplete-separator ellipsis))
(put-text-property 1 (1- (length determ))
'face 'icomplete-first-match determ)
(concat determ " [Matched]"))))))
;;; Iswitchb compatibility
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