Commit b027df6b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Misc Dired Commands): Delete dired-marked-files.

parent 7354ca01
......@@ -1116,13 +1116,10 @@ marked file. As a special case, if no prefix argument is given and
point is on a directory headerline, @kbd{w} gives you the name of that
directory without looking for marked files.
@vindex dired-marked-files
The main purpose of the @kbd{w} command is so that you can yank the
file names into arguments for other Emacs commands. It also displays
what was pushed onto the kill ring, so you can use it to display the
list of currently marked files in the echo area. It also stores the
list of names in the variable @code{dired-marked-files}, for use in
Lisp expressions.
list of currently marked files in the echo area.
@end table
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