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*** empty log message ***

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2008-09-23 Paul Reilly <>
* pmail.el:
First pass at handling decoding the mbox message into the view buffer.
2008-09-16 Paul Reilly <>
* subdirs.el: Remove file.
2008-09-15 author <author@lilly>
* ChangeLog.pmail: *** empty log message ***
* pmail.el:
The Rmail/mbox merge has been abandoned in favor of a restart using
the current rmail.el file. A comprehensive list of changes will be
supplied when pmail.el is morphed back into rmail.el
The current status is that pmail.el supports basic Rmail navigation
(no summary support) and shows the current message in a special
buffer using buffer-swap-text. No decoding is done yet. That is the
next step.
2008-09-15 Paul Reilly <>
* pmail.el:
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