Commit b0636be7 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Add a menu for profiler report mode

* lisp/profiler.el (profiler-report-mode-map): Add a menu.
No need to bind `q' because we derive from special-mode.
(profiler-report-find-entry): Handle calls from the menu-bar.
parent 8ea5c4de
2012-11-20 Glenn Morris <>
* profiler.el (profiler-report-mode-map): Add a menu.
No need to bind `q' because we derive from special-mode.
(profiler-report-find-entry): Handle calls from the menu-bar.
2012-11-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (defun-declarations-alist):
......@@ -404,7 +404,6 @@ RET: expand or collapse"))
(defvar profiler-report-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
;; FIXME: Add menu.
(define-key map "n" 'profiler-report-next-entry)
(define-key map "p" 'profiler-report-previous-entry)
;; I find it annoying more than helpful to not be able to navigate
......@@ -424,8 +423,43 @@ RET: expand or collapse"))
(define-key map "D" 'profiler-report-descending-sort)
(define-key map "=" 'profiler-report-compare-profile)
(define-key map (kbd "C-x C-w") 'profiler-report-write-profile)
(define-key map "q" 'quit-window)
(easy-menu-define profiler-report-menu map "Menu for Profiler Report mode."
["Next Entry" profiler-report-next-entry :active t
:help "Move to next entry"]
["Previous Entry" profiler-report-previous-entry :active t
:help "Move to previous entry"]
["Toggle Entry" profiler-report-toggle-entry
:active (profiler-report-calltree-at-point)
:help "Expand or collapse the current entry"]
["Find Entry" profiler-report-find-entry
;; FIXME should deactivate if not on a known function.
:active (profiler-report-calltree-at-point)
:help "Find the definition of the current entry"]
["Describe Entry" profiler-report-describe-entry
:active (profiler-report-calltree-at-point)
:help "Show the documentation of the current entry"]
["Show Calltree" profiler-report-render-calltree
:active profiler-report-reversed
:help "Show calltree view"]
["Show Reversed Calltree" profiler-report-render-reversed-calltree
:active (not profiler-report-reversed)
:help "Show reversed calltree view"]
["Sort Ascending" profiler-report-ascending-sort
:active (not (eq profiler-report-order 'ascending))
:help "Sort calltree view in ascending order"]
["Sort Descending" profiler-report-descending-sort
:active (not (eq profiler-report-order 'descending))
:help "Sort calltree view in descending order"]
["Compare Profile..." profiler-report-compare-profile :active t
:help "Compare current profile with another"]
["Write Profile..." profiler-report-write-profile :active t
:help "Write current profile to a file"]))
"Keymap for `profiler-report-mode'.")
(defun profiler-report-make-buffer-name (profile)
(format "*%s-Profiler-Report %s*"
......@@ -529,11 +563,15 @@ otherwise collapse."
(defun profiler-report-find-entry (&optional event)
"Find entry at point."
(interactive (list last-nonmenu-event))
(if event (posn-set-point (event-end event)))
(let ((tree (profiler-report-calltree-at-point)))
(when tree
(let ((entry (profiler-calltree-entry tree)))
(find-function entry)))))
(if event (window-buffer (posn-window (event-start event)))
(and event (setq event (event-end event))
(posn-set-point event))
(let ((tree (profiler-report-calltree-at-point)))
(when tree
(let ((entry (profiler-calltree-entry tree)))
(find-function entry))))))
(defun profiler-report-describe-entry ()
"Describe entry at point."
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