Commit b0660239 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(make_frame_without_minibuffer): New arg DISPLAY.

If there's no minibuffer frame to use, create one.
parent 0006272a
......@@ -256,34 +256,37 @@ make_frame (mini_p)
default (the global minibuffer). */
struct frame *
make_frame_without_minibuffer (mini_window, kb)
make_frame_without_minibuffer (mini_window, kb, display)
register Lisp_Object mini_window;
Lisp_Object display;
register struct frame *f;
/* Choose the minibuffer window to use. */
if (NILP (mini_window))
if (!FRAMEP (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame))
error ("default-minibuffer-frame must be set when creating minibufferless frames");
if (! FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame)))
error ("default-minibuffer-frame must be a live frame");
mini_window = XFRAME (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame)->minibuffer_window;
if (!NILP (mini_window))
CHECK_LIVE_WINDOW (mini_window, 0);
if (XFRAME (XWINDOW (mini_window)->frame)->kboard != kb)
if (!NILP (mini_window)
&& XFRAME (XWINDOW (mini_window)->frame)->kboard != kb)
error ("frame and minibuffer must be on the same display");
/* Make a frame containing just a root window. */
f = make_frame (0);
if (NILP (mini_window))
/* Use default-minibuffer-frame if possible. */
if (!FRAMEP (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame)
|| ! FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame)))
/* If there's no minibuffer frame to use, create one. */
= call1 (intern ("make-initial-minibuffer-frame"), display);
mini_window = XFRAME (kb->Vdefault_minibuffer_frame)->minibuffer_window;
/* Install the chosen minibuffer window, with proper buffer. */
f->minibuffer_window = mini_window;
Fset_window_buffer (mini_window,
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