Commit b079118d authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(remove_properties): Don't use XCAR without CONSP.

parent 96035dca
......@@ -463,12 +463,12 @@ remove_properties (plist, list, i, object)
tail1 = list, use_plist = 0;
/* Go through each element of LIST or PLIST. */
while (! NILP (tail1))
while (CONSP (tail1))
sym = XCAR (tail1);
/* First, remove the symbol if it's at the head of the list */
while (! NILP (current_plist) && EQ (sym, XCAR (current_plist)))
while (CONSP (current_plist) && EQ (sym, XCAR (current_plist)))
if (BUFFERP (object))
record_property_change (i->position, LENGTH (i),
......@@ -485,7 +485,7 @@ remove_properties (plist, list, i, object)
register Lisp_Object this;
this = XCDR (XCDR (tail2));
if (EQ (sym, XCAR (this)))
if (CONSP (this) && EQ (sym, XCAR (this)))
if (BUFFERP (object))
record_property_change (i->position, LENGTH (i),
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