Commit b0857706 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(check_face_name): New function.

(add_font_entity_to_list): Use it to filter out common substituted fonts.
parent a608bcbf
2008-11-23 Jason Rumney <>
* w32uniscribe.c (uniscribe_encode_char): Ensure context is
restored before returning.
* w32font.c (check_face_name): New function.
(add_font_entity_to_list): Use it to filter out common substituted
2008-11-22 Martin Rudalics <>
* buffer.c (Fswitch_to_buffer): Reword and mention new option
......@@ -811,10 +811,8 @@ w32font_open_internal (f, font_entity, pixel_size, font_object)
if (!metrics)
GetTextMetricsW (dc, &w32_font->metrics);
GetTextMetricsW (dc, &w32_font->metrics);
w32_font->cached_metrics = NULL;
w32_font->n_cache_blocks = 0;
......@@ -1300,6 +1298,40 @@ w32font_coverage_ok (coverage, charset)
return 1;
static int
check_face_name (font, full_name)
LOGFONT *font;
char *full_name;
char full_iname[LF_FULLFACESIZE+1];
/* Just check for names known to cause problems, since the full name
can contain expanded abbreviations, prefixed foundry, postfixed
style, the latter of which sometimes differs from the style indicated
in the shorter name (eg Lt becomes Light or even Extra Light) */
/* Helvetica is mapped to Arial in Windows, but if a Type-1 Helvetica is
installed, we run into problems with the Uniscribe backend which tries
to avoid non-truetype fonts, and ends up mixing the Type-1 Helvetica
with Arial's characteristics, since that attempt to use Truetype works
some places, but not others. */
if (!stricmp (font->lfFaceName, "helvetica"))
strncpy (full_iname, full_name, LF_FULLFACESIZE);
full_iname[LF_FULLFACESIZE] = 0;
_strlwr (full_iname);
return strstr ("helvetica", full_iname);
else if (!stricmp (font->lfFaceName, "times"))
/* Since Times is mapped to Times New Roman, a substring
match is not sufficient to filter out the bogus match. */
return stricmp (full_name, "times");
return 1;
/* Callback function for EnumFontFamiliesEx.
* Checks if a font matches everything we are trying to check agaist,
* and if so, adds it to a list. Both the data we are checking against
......@@ -1340,7 +1372,11 @@ add_font_entity_to_list (logical_font, physical_font, font_type, lParam)
anywhere within the full name. */
&& (logical_font->elfLogFont.lfOutPrecision != OUT_STRING_PRECIS
|| strstr (logical_font->elfFullName,
/* Check for well known substitutions that mess things up in the
presence of Type-1 fonts of the same name. */
&& (match_data->pattern.lfFaceName[0]
&& check_face_name (logical_font, logical_font->elfFullName)))
Lisp_Object entity
= w32_enumfont_pattern_entity (match_data->frame, logical_font,
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