Commit b0c8b840 authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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wid-edit.el (widget-choose): Put cursor on second line of the buffer (Bug#5695).

parent 7fc874c4
2010-04-07 Jan Djärv <>
* wid-edit.el (widget-choose): Move cursor to the second line of
the buffer (Bug#5695).
2010-04-07 Dan Nicolaescu <>
Add new VC methods: vc-log-incoming and vc-log-outgoing.
......@@ -253,7 +253,9 @@ minibuffer."
;; Allocate digits to disabled alternatives
;; so that the digit of a given alternative never varies.
(setq next-digit (1+ next-digit)))
(insert "\nC-g = Quit"))
(insert "\nC-g = Quit")
(goto-char (point-min))
(or some-choice-enabled
(error "None of the choices is currently meaningful"))
(define-key map [?\C-g] 'keyboard-quit)
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