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......@@ -20741,9 +20741,10 @@ $$ a_{i+1} = { a_i + b_i \over 2 } , \qquad b_{i+1} = \sqrt{a_i b_i} $$
@kindex u R
@cindex Root-mean-square
@tindex rms
Another commonly used mean, the RMS (root-mean-square), can be computed
for a vector of numbers by using the @kbd{u R}
(@code{calc-vector-rms}) [@code{rms}]command.
The @kbd{u R} (@code{calc-vector-rms}) [@code{rms}]
command computes the RMS (root-mean-square) of the data values.
As its name suggests, this is the square root of the mean of the
squares of the data values.
@kindex u S
@pindex calc-vector-sdev
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