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Improve documentation of Hexl mode

* doc/emacs/misc.texi (Editing Binary Files): Clarify
"insertion".  Improve wording.  Add a few Hexl commands.
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......@@ -2423,10 +2423,13 @@ automatically back to binary.
into hex. This is useful if you visit a file normally and then discover
it is a binary file.
Ordinary text characters overwrite in Hexl mode. This is to reduce
Inserting text always overwrites in Hexl mode. This is to reduce
the risk of accidentally spoiling the alignment of data in the file.
There are special commands for insertion. Here is a list of the
commands of Hexl mode:
Ordinary text characters insert themselves (i.e., overwrite with
themselves). There are commands for insertion of special characters
by their code. Most cursor motion keys, as well as @kbd{C-x C-s}, are
bound in Hexl mode to commands that produce the same effect. Here is
a list of other important commands special to Hexl mode:
@c I don't think individual index entries for these commands are useful--RMS.
@table @kbd
......@@ -2439,6 +2442,12 @@ Insert a byte with a code typed in octal.
@item C-M-x
Insert a byte with a code typed in hex.
@item C-M-a
Move to the beginning of a 512-byte page.
@item C-M-e
Move to the end of a 512-byte page.
@item C-x [
Move to the beginning of a 1k-byte page.
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