Commit b1519d85 authored by Katsumi Yamaoka's avatar Katsumi Yamaoka
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Synch with Gnus trunk:

(Score File Format): Fix typo.
(Mail Group Commands): Add index entry.
By Andreas Seltenreich <>.
parent 46a4f27f
2010-04-15 Andreas Seltenreich <>
* gnus.texi (Score File Format): Fix typo. Reported by Štěpán Němec.
(Mail Group Commands): Add index entry.
2010-04-15 Glenn Morris <>
* info.texi (Search Index): Mention Emacs's Info-virtual-index.
......@@ -11315,6 +11315,7 @@ disappear forever into that big @file{/dev/null} in the sky.
@item B DEL
@kindex B DEL (Summary)
@cindex deleting mail
@findex gnus-summary-delete-article
@c @icon{gnus-summary-mail-delete}
Delete the mail article. This is ``delete'' as in ``delete it from your
......@@ -21827,7 +21828,7 @@ You can do this with the following two score file entries:
When you enter the group the first time, you will only see the new
threads. You then raise the score of the threads that you find
interesting (with @kbd{I T} or @kbd{I S}), and ignore (@kbd{C y}) the
interesting (with @kbd{I T} or @kbd{I S}), and ignore (@kbd{c y}) the
rest. Next time you enter the group, you will see new articles in the
interesting threads, plus any new threads.
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