Commit b1664339 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(help-make-xrefs): Make sure that if a symbol is followed by the word

`face', it gets treated as a face, even if it is also defined as a
variable or a function.
parent 778c391b
......@@ -365,6 +365,9 @@ that."
;;; (pop-to-buffer (car location))
;;; (goto-char (cdr location))))
(help-xref-button 8 'help-function-def sym))
((facep sym)
(if (save-match-data (looking-at "[ \t\n]+face\\W"))
(help-xref-button 8 'help-face sym)))
((and (boundp sym) (fboundp sym))
;; We can't intuit whether to use the
;; variable or function doc -- supply both.
......@@ -375,10 +378,7 @@ that."
(help-xref-button 8 'help-variable sym))
((fboundp sym)
(help-xref-button 8 'help-function sym))
((facep sym)
(if (save-match-data (looking-at "[ \t\n]+face\\W"))
(help-xref-button 8 'help-face sym))))))))
(help-xref-button 8 'help-function sym)))))))
;; An obvious case of a key substitution:
(while (re-search-forward
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