Commit b16f0801 authored by Basil L. Contovounesios's avatar Basil L. Contovounesios Committed by Stefan Monnier

Minor custom.el simplifications

* lisp/custom.el (custom-quote): Duplicate macroexp-quote.
(custom-load-symbol, customize-mark-to-save, customize-mark-as-set)
(custom-theme-name-valid-p, enable-theme, custom-enabled-themes)
(disable-theme): Simplify logic.
parent feb6863e
......@@ -630,14 +630,12 @@ The result is that the change is treated as having been made through Custom."
(let ((custom-load-recursion t))
;; Load these files if not already done,
;; to make sure we know all the dependencies of SYMBOL.
(condition-case nil
(require 'cus-load)
(error nil))
(condition-case nil
(require 'cus-start)
(error nil))
(require 'cus-load))
(require 'cus-start))
(dolist (load (get symbol 'custom-loads))
(cond ((symbolp load) (condition-case nil (require load) (error nil)))
(cond ((symbolp load) (ignore-errors (require load)))
;; This is subsumed by the test below, but it's much faster.
((assoc load load-history))
;; This was just (assoc (locate-library load) load-history)
......@@ -655,7 +653,7 @@ The result is that the change is treated as having been made through Custom."
;; We are still loading it when we call this,
;; and it is not in load-history yet.
((equal load "cus-edit"))
(t (condition-case nil (load load) (error nil))))))))
(t (ignore-errors (load load))))))))
(defvar custom-local-buffer nil
"Non-nil, in a Customization buffer, means customize a specific buffer.
......@@ -688,16 +686,12 @@ this sets the local binding in that buffer instead."
(defun custom-quote (sexp)
"Quote SEXP if it is not self quoting."
(if (or (memq sexp '(t nil))
(keywordp sexp)
(and (listp sexp)
(memq (car sexp) '(lambda)))
(stringp sexp)
(numberp sexp)
(vectorp sexp)
;;; (and (fboundp 'characterp)
;;; (characterp sexp))
;; Can't use `macroexp-quote' because it is loaded after `custom.el'
;; during bootstrap. See `loadup.el'.
(if (and (not (consp sexp))
(or (keywordp sexp)
(not (symbolp sexp))
(booleanp sexp)))
(list 'quote sexp)))
......@@ -718,12 +712,10 @@ Return non-nil if the `saved-value' property actually changed."
(standard (get symbol 'standard-value))
(comment (get symbol 'customized-variable-comment)))
;; Save default value if different from standard value.
(if (or (null standard)
(not (equal value (condition-case nil
(eval (car standard))
(error nil)))))
(put symbol 'saved-value (list (custom-quote value)))
(put symbol 'saved-value nil))
(put symbol 'saved-value
(unless (and standard
(equal value (ignore-errors (eval (car standard)))))
(list (custom-quote value))))
;; Clear customized information (set, but not saved).
(put symbol 'customized-value nil)
;; Save any comment that might have been set.
......@@ -747,9 +739,8 @@ Return non-nil if the `customized-value' property actually changed."
(old (or (get symbol 'saved-value) (get symbol 'standard-value))))
;; Mark default value as set if different from old value.
(if (not (and old
(equal value (condition-case nil
(eval (car old))
(error nil)))))
(equal value (ignore-errors
(eval (car old))))))
(progn (put symbol 'customized-value (list (custom-quote value)))
(custom-push-theme 'theme-value symbol 'user 'set
(custom-quote value)))
......@@ -1296,11 +1287,9 @@ query also about adding HASH to `custom-safe-themes'."
(defun custom-theme-name-valid-p (name)
"Return t if NAME is a valid name for a Custom theme, nil otherwise.
NAME should be a symbol."
(and (symbolp name)
(not (or (zerop (length (symbol-name name)))
(eq name 'user)
(eq name 'changed)))))
(and (not (memq name '(nil user changed)))
(symbolp name)
(not (string= "" (symbol-name name)))))
(defun custom-available-themes ()
"Return a list of Custom themes available for loading.
......@@ -1356,7 +1345,7 @@ function runs. To disable other themes, use `disable-theme'."
"Enable custom theme: "
obarray (lambda (sym) (get sym 'theme-settings)) t))))
(if (not (custom-theme-p theme))
(unless (custom-theme-p theme)
(error "Undefined Custom theme %s" theme))
(let ((settings (get theme 'theme-settings)))
;; Loop through theme settings, recalculating vars/faces.
......@@ -1397,18 +1386,18 @@ Setting this variable through Customize calls `enable-theme' or
(let (failures)
(setq themes (delq 'user (delete-dups themes)))
;; Disable all themes not in THEMES.
(if (boundp symbol)
(dolist (theme (symbol-value symbol))
(if (not (memq theme themes))
(disable-theme theme))))
(dolist (theme (and (boundp symbol)
(symbol-value symbol)))
(unless (memq theme themes)
(disable-theme theme)))
;; Call `enable-theme' or `load-theme' on each of THEMES.
(dolist (theme (reverse themes))
(condition-case nil
(if (custom-theme-p theme)
(enable-theme theme)
(load-theme theme))
(error (setq failures (cons theme failures)
themes (delq theme themes)))))
(error (push theme failures)
(setq themes (delq theme themes)))))
(enable-theme 'user)
(custom-set-default symbol themes)
(when failures
......@@ -1441,7 +1430,7 @@ See `custom-enabled-themes' for a list of enabled themes."
;; If the face spec specified by this theme is in the
;; saved-face property, reset that property.
(when (equal (nth 3 s) (get symbol 'saved-face))
(put symbol 'saved-face (and val (cadr (car val)))))))))
(put symbol 'saved-face (cadar val))))))))
;; Recompute faces on all frames.
(dolist (frame (frame-list))
;; We must reset the fg and bg color frame parameters, or
......@@ -1457,7 +1446,7 @@ See `custom-enabled-themes' for a list of enabled themes."
"unspecified-fg" "black"))
(face-set-after-frame-default frame))
(setq custom-enabled-themes
(delq theme custom-enabled-themes)))))
(delq theme custom-enabled-themes))))
;; Only used if window-system not null.
(declare-function x-get-resource "frame.c"
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