Commit b1a64dba authored by Dmitry Antipov's avatar Dmitry Antipov
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Reduce consing caused by vertical motion commands

* src/frame.c (Fframe_parameter): Avoid call to Fframe_parameters for the
parameters frequently requested by calls to 'next-line' and 'previous-line'.
parent 1ba6f2c7
......@@ -2607,6 +2607,22 @@ If FRAME is nil, describe the currently selected frame. */)
/* Avoid consing in frequent cases. */
if (EQ (parameter, Qname))
value = f->name;
/* These are used by vertical motion commands. */
else if (EQ (parameter, Qvertical_scroll_bars))
value = (f->vertical_scroll_bar_type == vertical_scroll_bar_none
? Qnil
: (f->vertical_scroll_bar_type == vertical_scroll_bar_left
? Qleft : Qright));
else if (EQ (parameter, Qhorizontal_scroll_bars))
value = f->horizontal_scroll_bars ? Qt : Qnil;
else if (EQ (parameter, Qline_spacing) && f->extra_line_spacing == 0)
/* If this is non-zero, we can't determine whether the user specified
an integer or float value without looking through 'param_alist'. */
value = make_number (0);
else if (EQ (parameter, Qfont) && FRAME_X_P (f))
value = FRAME_FONT (f)->props[FONT_NAME_INDEX];
else if (EQ (parameter, Qdisplay) && FRAME_X_P (f))
value = XCAR (FRAME_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->name_list_element);
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