Commit b1a85090 authored by Vincent Belaïche's avatar Vincent Belaïche

fix bug#21054

* ses.el (ses-check-curcell): Call `ses-set-curcell' unconditionally
parent ce5ad125
......@@ -1117,9 +1117,7 @@ region, or nil if cursor is not at a cell."
The end marker is appropriate if some argument is `end'.
A range is appropriate if some argument is `range'.
A single cell is appropriate unless some argument is `needrange'."
(if (eq ses--curcell t)
;; curcell recalculation was postponed, but user typed ahead.
(ses-set-curcell); fix bug#21054
((not ses--curcell)
(or (memq 'end args)
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