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Improve documentation of Xref

* doc/emacs/maintaining.texi (Looking Up Identifiers): Document
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......@@ -1812,6 +1812,8 @@ Find definition of identifier, and display it in a new frame
@item M-,
Go back to where you previously invoked @kbd{M-.} and friends
@item M-x xref-etags-mode
Switch @code{xref} to use the @code{etags} backend.
@end table
@kindex M-.
......@@ -1871,6 +1873,18 @@ where you were with @kbd{M-,}. @kbd{M-,} allows you to retrace your
steps to a depth determined by the variable
@code{xref-marker-ring-length}, which defaults to 16.
@findex xref-etags-mode
Some major modes install @code{xref} support facilities that might
fail to find certain identifiers. For example, in Emacs Lisp mode
(@pxref{Lisp Eval}) @kbd{M-.} will by default find only functions and
variables from Lisp packages that are loaded into the current Emacs
session. To find more identifiers, turn on the Xref Etags minor mode
with @w{@kbd{M-x xref-etags-mode}}. This command forces @code{xref}
to use the @code{etags} backend (@pxref{Xref}). (For this to work,
you should first run @command{etags} to create the tags table, see
@ref{Create Tags Table}.)
@node Xref Commands
@subsubsection Commands Available in the @file{*xref*} Buffer
@cindex commands in @file{*xref*} buffers
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