Commit b1bfcb3d authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(Fx_create_frame): Remove call to

Qface_set_after_frame_default. (from xfns.c 2003-05-26)
parent e7b14860
......@@ -4369,17 +4369,6 @@ This function is an internal primitive--use `make-frame' instead. */)
x_wm_set_size_hint (f, window_prompting, 0);
/* Avoid a bug that causes the new frame to never become visible if
an echo area message is displayed during the following call1. */
specbind(Qredisplay_dont_pause, Qt);
/* Set up faces after all frame parameters are known. This call
also merges in face attributes specified for new frames. If we
don't do this, the `menu' face for instance won't have the right
colors, and the menu bar won't appear in the specified colors for
new frames. */
call1 (Qface_set_after_frame_default, frame);
/* Make the window appear on the frame and enable display, unless
the caller says not to. However, with explicit parent, Emacs
cannot control visibility, so don't try. */
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