Commit b1c4c005 authored by Michal Nazarewicz's avatar Michal Nazarewicz
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Remove inaccurate comment in regex.c

* src/regex.c (regex_compile): Remove comment indicating that wctype of
some character classes may be negative.  All wctypes are in fact
parent 3ffc5f44
......@@ -2879,8 +2879,7 @@ regex_compile (const_re_char *pattern, size_t size,
/* Most character classes in a multibyte match just set
a flag. Exceptions are is_blank, is_digit, is_cntrl, and
is_xdigit, since they can only match ASCII characters.
We don't need to handle them for multibyte. They are
distinguished by a negative wctype. */
We don't need to handle them for multibyte. */
/* Setup the gl_state object to its buffer-defined value.
This hardcodes the buffer-global syntax-table for ASCII
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