Commit b1ca7740 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(f90-keywords-re, f90-keywords-level-3-re): Add `non_intrinsic'.

(f90-constants-re): Add ieee modules.
(f90-typedef-matcher, f90-typedec-matcher)
(f90-imenu-type-matcher): New functions.
(f90-font-lock-keywords-1): Give module procedures function-name face.
Use `f90-typedef-matcher' for derived types.  Fix `abstract interface'.
Add `use, intrinsic'.
(f90-font-lock-keywords-2): Use `f90-typedec-matcher' for derived types.
Move start of `enum' blocks to separate entry.
(f90-start-block-re): Fix `type', `abstract interface'.
(f90-imenu-generic-expression): Use `f90-imenu-type-matcher' for
derived types.
(f90-mode-abbrev-table): Add `abstract interface', `asynchronous',
`elemental', change `enumerator'.
(f90-no-block-limit): Fix `abstract interface'.
parent 45b778a6
......@@ -28,8 +28,7 @@
;; Major mode for editing F90 programs in FREE FORMAT.
;; The minor language revision F95 is also supported (with font-locking).
;; Some aspects of F2003 are supported. At present, there are some
;; problems with derived types.
;; Some/many (?) aspects of F2003 are supported.
;; Knows about continuation lines, named structured statements, and other
;; features in F90 including HPF (High Performance Fortran) structures.
......@@ -156,12 +155,16 @@
;;; Code:
;; Have "f90-mode" just recognize F90 syntax, then derived modes
;; 1. Any missing F2003 syntax?
;; 2. Have "f90-mode" just recognize F90 syntax, then derived modes
;; "f95-mode", "f2003-mode" for the language revisions.
;; Support for align.
;; OpenMP, preprocessor highlighting.
;; F2003 syntax:
;; problems with derived types.
;; 3. Support for align.
;; Font-locking:
;; 1. OpenMP, OpenMPI?, preprocessor highlighting.
;; 2. interface blah - Highlight "blah" in function-name face?
;; Need to avoid "interface operator (+)" etc.
;; 3. integer_name = 1
;; 4. Labels for "else" statements (F2003)?
(defvar comment-auto-fill-only-comments)
(defvar font-lock-keywords)
......@@ -312,8 +315,8 @@ The options are 'downcase-word, 'upcase-word, 'capitalize-word and nil."
;; F2003
"abstract" "associate" "asynchronous" "bind" "class"
"deferred" "enum" "enumerator" "extends" "extends_type_of"
"final" "generic" "import" "non_overridable" "nopass" "pass"
"protected" "same_type_as" "value" "volatile"
"final" "generic" "import" "non_intrinsic" "non_overridable"
"nopass" "pass" "protected" "same_type_as" "value" "volatile"
) 'words)
"Regexp used by the function `f90-change-keywords'.")
......@@ -329,7 +332,7 @@ The options are 'downcase-word, 'upcase-word, 'capitalize-word and nil."
;; F95 keywords.
"elemental" "pure"
;; F2003. asynchronous separate.
"abstract" "deferred" "import" "final" "non_overridable"
"abstract" "deferred" "import" "final" "non_intrinsic" "non_overridable"
"nopass" "pass" "protected" "value" "volatile"
) 'words)
"Keyword-regexp for font-lock level >= 3.")
......@@ -428,56 +431,145 @@ The options are 'downcase-word, 'upcase-word, 'capitalize-word and nil."
"c_new_line" "c_carriage_return" "c_horizontal_tab"
"c_ptr" "c_funptr" "c_null_ptr" "c_null_funptr"
) 'words)
"Regexp for Fortran intrinsic constants.")
;; cf f90-looking-at-type-like.
(defun f90-typedef-matcher (limit)
"Search for the start/end of the definition of a derived type, up to LIMIT.
Set the match data so that subexpression 1,2 are the TYPE, and
type-name parts, respectively."
(let (found l)
(while (and (re-search-forward "\\<\\(\\(?:end[ \t]*\\)?type\\)[ \t]*"
limit t)
(not (setq found
(setq l (match-data))
(unless (looking-at "\\(is\\>\\|(\\)")
(when (if (looking-at "\\(\\sw+\\)")
(goto-char (match-end 0))
"[ \t]*::[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)"
(line-end-position) t))
;; 0 is wrong, but we don't use it.
(append l (list (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))))
(defvar f90-font-lock-keywords-1
;; Special highlighting of "module procedure".
'("\\<\\(module[ \t]*procedure\\)\\>" (1 font-lock-keyword-face))
'("\\<\\(module[ \t]*procedure\\)\\>\\([^()\n]*::\\)?[ \t]*\\([^&!\n]*\\)"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face nil t))
;; Highlight definition of derived type.
;; FIXME F2003 use a function, same as looking-at-type-like?
'("\\<\\(\\(?:end[ \t]*\\)?type\\)\\>\\([^()\n]*::\\)?[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face))
;;; '("\\<\\(\\(?:end[ \t]*\\)?type\\)\\>\\([^()\n]*::\\)?[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)"
;;; (1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face))
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-function-name-face))
;; Other functions and declarations.
'("\\<\\(\\(?:end[ \t]*\\)?\\(program\\|module\\|function\\|associate\\|\
subroutine\\)\\|use\\|call\\)\\>[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)?"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face nil t))
;; "abstract interface" is F2003.
"\\<\\(\\(end[ \t]*\\)?\\(\\(?:abstract[ \t]+\\)?interface\\|\
block[ \t]*data\\)\\|contains\\)\\>")
;; F2003.
'("\\<\\(use\\)[ \t]*,[ \t]*\\(\\(?:non_\\)?intrinsic\\)[ \t]*::[ \t]*\
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-keyword-face)
(3 font-lock-function-name-face))
"\\<\\(\\(end[ \t]*\\)?block[ \t]*data\\|contains\\|\
end[ \t]*interface\\)\\>"
;; "abstract interface" is F2003. Must come after previous entry.
'("\\<\\(\\(?:abstract[ \t]*\\)?interface\\)\\>"
;; [ \t]*\\(\\(\\sw+\\)[ \t]*[^(]\\)?"
;; (2) messes up "interface operator ()", etc.
(1 font-lock-keyword-face))) ;(2 font-lock-function-name-face nil t)))
"This does fairly subdued highlighting of comments and function calls.")
;; NB not explicitly handling this, yet it seems to work.
;; type(...) function foo()
(defun f90-typedec-matcher (limit)
"Search for the declaration of variables of derived type, up to LIMIT.
Set the match data so that subexpression 1,2 are the TYPE(...),
and variable-name parts, respectively."
;; Matcher functions must return nil only when there are no more
;; matches within the search range.
(let (found l)
(while (and (re-search-forward "\\<\\(type\\|class\\)[ \t]*(" limit t)
(setq found
(condition-case nil
;; Set l after this to just highlight
;; the "type" part.
(backward-char 1)
;; Needed for: type( foo(...) ) :: bar
(setq l (list (match-beginning 0) (point)))
(skip-chars-forward " \t")
;; type (foo) bar, qux
(if (looking-at "\\sw+")
;; type (foo), stuff :: bar, qux
"::[ \t]*\\([^&!\n]+\\)")
(line-end-position) t)
(append (list (car l) (match-end 1))
l (list (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))))
(error nil))))))
(defvar f90-font-lock-keywords-2
;; Variable declarations (avoid the real function call).
;; FIXME type( rational_t( this_k)), intent( in) :: a, b
;; maybe type should just work like integer.
;; Or use forward-sexp.
'("^[ \t0-9]*\\(real\\|integer\\|c\\(haracter\\|omplex\\)\\|\
logical\\|double[ \t]*precision\\|\
\\(?:type\\|class\\)[ \t]*([ \t]*\\sw+[ \t]*)\\)\
;; NB by accident (?), this correctly fontifies the "integer" in:
;; integer () function foo ()
;; because "() function foo ()" matches \\3.
;; The "pure" part does not really belong here, but was added to
;; exploit that hack.
;; The "function foo" bit is correctly fontified by keywords-1.
;; TODO ? actually check for balanced parens in that case.
'("^[ \t0-9]*\\(?:pure\\|elemental\\)?[ \t]*\
enumerator\\|generic\\|procedure\\|logical\\|double[ \t]*precision\\)\
\\(.*::\\|[ \t]*(.*)\\)?\\([^&!\n]*\\)"
(1 font-lock-type-face t) (4 font-lock-variable-name-face t))
;; Derived type/class variables.
;; TODO ? If we just highlighted the "type" part, rather than
;; "type(...)", this could be in the previous expression. And this
;; would be consistent with integer( kind=8 ), etc.
(1 font-lock-type-face) (2 font-lock-variable-name-face))
;; "real function foo (args)". Must override previous. Note hack
;; to get "args" unhighlighted again. Might not always be right,
;; but probably better than leaving them as variables.
;; FIXME in F2003, can specify kinds.
;; NB not explicitly handling this case:
;; integer( kind=1 ) function foo()
;; thanks to the happy accident described above.
;; Not anchored, so don't need to worry about "pure" etc.
logical\\|double[ \t]*precision\\|\
\\(?:type\\|class\\)[ \t]*([ \t]*\\sw+[ \t]*)\\)[ \t]*\\)\
\\(function\\)\\>[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)[ \t]*\\(([^&!\n]*)\\)"
(1 font-lock-type-face t) (4 font-lock-keyword-face t)
(5 font-lock-function-name-face t) (6 'default t))
;; end do, if, enum (F2003), select, where, and forall constructs.
;; enum (F2003; cf type in -1).
'("\\<\\(enum\\)\\>\\([^()\n]*::\\)?[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-function-name-face))
;; end do, enum (F2003), if, select, where, and forall constructs.
'("\\<\\(end[ \t]*\\(do\\|if\\|enum\\|select\\|forall\\|where\\)\\)\\>\
\\([ \t]+\\(\\sw+\\)\\)?"
(1 font-lock-keyword-face) (3 font-lock-constant-face nil t))
'("^[ \t0-9]*\\(\\(\\sw+\\)[ \t]*:[ \t]*\\)?\\(\\(if\\|enum\\|\
'("^[ \t0-9]*\\(\\(\\sw+\\)[ \t]*:[ \t]*\\)?\\(\\(if\\|\
do\\([ \t]*while\\)?\\|select[ \t]*\\(?:case\\|type\\)\\|where\\|\
(2 font-lock-constant-face nil t) (3 font-lock-keyword-face))
......@@ -751,10 +843,12 @@ Used in the F90 entry in `hs-special-modes-alist'.")
;; Avoid F2003 "type is" in "select type",
;; and also variables of derived type "type (foo)".
;; "type, foo" must be a block (?).
"type[ \t,]\\([^(is]\\|[^(i].\\|[^(][^s]\\|is\\sw\\)"
"type[ \t,]\\("
"[^i(!\n\"\& \t]\\|" ; not-i(
"i[^s!\n\"\& \t]\\|" ; i not-s
;; "abstract interface" is F2003.
"program\\|\\(?:abstract[ \t]+\\)?interface\\|module\\|"
"program\\|\\(?:abstract[ \t]*\\)?interface\\|module\\|"
;; "enum", but not "enumerator".
......@@ -771,14 +865,37 @@ Used in the F90 entry in `hs-special-modes-alist'.")
;; Imenu support.
;; FIXME F2003
;; FIXME trivial to extend this to enum. Worth it?
(defun f90-imenu-type-matcher ()
"Search backward for the start of a derived type.
Set subexpression 1 in the match-data to the name of the type."
(let (found l)
(while (and (re-search-backward "^[ \t0-9]*type[ \t]*" nil t)
(not (setq found
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(unless (looking-at "\\(is\\>\\|(\\)")
(or (looking-at "\\(\\sw+\\)")
"[ \t]*::[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)"
(line-end-position) t))))))))
(defvar f90-imenu-generic-expression
(let ((good-char "[^!\"\&\n \t]") (not-e "[^e!\n\"\& \t]")
(not-n "[^n!\n\"\& \t]") (not-d "[^d!\n\"\& \t]"))
(not-n "[^n!\n\"\& \t]") (not-d "[^d!\n\"\& \t]")
(not-ib "[^i(!\n\"\& \t]") (not-s "[^s!\n\"\& \t]"))
'(nil "^[ \t0-9]*program[ \t]+\\(\\sw+\\)" 1)
'("Modules" "^[ \t0-9]*module[ \t]+\\(\\sw+\\)[ \t]*\\(!\\|$\\)" 1)
'("Types" "^[ \t0-9]*type[ \t]+\\(\\sw+\\)" 1)
(list "Types" 'f90-imenu-type-matcher 1)
;; Does not handle: "type[, stuff] :: foo".
;;; (format "^[ \t0-9]*type[ \t]+\\(\\(%s\\|i%s\\|is\\sw\\)\\sw*\\)"
;;; not-ib not-s)
;;; 1)
;; Can't get the subexpression numbers to match in the two branches.
;;; (format "^[ \t0-9]*type\\([ \t]*,.*\\(::\\)[ \t]*\\(\\sw+\\)\\|[ \t]+\\(\\(%s\\|i%s\\|is\\sw\\)\\sw*\\)\\)" not-ib not-s)
;;; 3)
......@@ -827,9 +944,9 @@ Used in the F90 entry in `hs-special-modes-alist'.")
(append element '(nil 0)))))))
'(("`al" "allocate" )
("`ab" "allocatable" )
("`ai" "abstract interface")
("`as" "assignment" )
; ("`at" "abstract" )
; ("`ay" "asynchronous" )
("`asy" "asynchronous" )
("`ba" "backspace" )
("`bd" "block data" )
("`c" "character" )
......@@ -846,8 +963,8 @@ Used in the F90 entry in `hs-special-modes-alist'.")
("`el" "else" )
("`eli" "else if" )
("`elw" "elsewhere" )
; ("`em" "elemental" )
("`en" "enumerator" )
("`em" "elemental" )
("`e" "enumerator" )
("`eq" "equivalence" )
("`ex" "external" )
("`ey" "entry" )
......@@ -1206,7 +1323,7 @@ if all else fails."
(looking-at "\\(do\\|if\\|else\\(if\\|where\\)?\
\\|select[ \t]*\\(case\\|type\\)\\|case\\|where\\|forall\\)\\>")
(looking-at "\\(program\\|module\\|\
\\(?:abstract[ \t]+\\)?interface\\|block[ \t]*data\\)\\>")
\\(?:abstract[ \t]*\\)?interface\\|block[ \t]*data\\)\\>")
(looking-at "\\(contains\\|\\sw+[ \t]*:\\)")
(looking-at f90-type-def-re)
(re-search-forward "\\(function\\|subroutine\\)"
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